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What is Coventry Cycle Speedway?

We are a sports club based in Coventry, West Midlands. We race single speed bikes, with no brakes for four laps around an oval dirt track.

The sport of Cycle Speedway grew out of the bomb sites post second world war. The modern day version of the sport requires athleticism, bravery and skill, as four riders take to the track for each race, all trying to come out on top.

It is very much a short dirt track version of velodrome racing, except contact is allowed when passing.

Fancy a go?

Pop along to one of our coaching or race nights! See our full schedule on our coaching page.

Latest News

TRAINING CANCELLED (19/10)Poor forecast for this evening. Junior coaching is on this Saturday at 11am. ...
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REMINDER!Tomorrow starts at 10am for this week only. Afterwards we have Coventry University Bike Club coming to try out CS! Should be fun. Back to 11am next week. ...
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TIME CHANGE!This Saturday's coaching (16 Oct) will be 10am - 11am. ...
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SESSIONS THIS WEEKTUESDAY - ML3+ 7:30pmSATURDAY - All juniors (plus new riders) - 10amAll weather permitting. Stay tuned to Facebook for updates. We are planning on running every Tuesday and Saturday until the end of October. ...
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