Membership & Pricing

Membership of the club is free. All riders must be signed up to participate in events after their first session. Membership can be cancelled any time and your data will be safely and securely removed from our records.

How to Join

There are two ways to join the club:

  1. Turn up to a training session and ask for a membership form from any of the club officials on site. Complete and return.  Julia Ingram, the Club Secretary, will then contact you via email with our welcome and membership pack, which includes our club policies and fee information.


  1. Before coming along, contact Julia via email who will respond with membership details.

Club Membership and Fees

With the 2021 Treasurers report highlighting the lack of consistency in paying club membership and bike hire fee’s (by some members) a proposal was put forward by the Treasurer to streamline the process for easier payment of Membership & Bike Hire fees.

This will allow the club to have an accurate statement of accounts, which are absolutely essential in support of requests for Government, Local authority and British Cycling funding.

The Committee and Attendees of the AGM have voted in favour of these changes. Support from the clubs members in making the transition smoothly is greatly appreciated. For the 2022 Season; voted in Club Membership & Bike hire fees are:

  • 2021 subs shortfall to be written off due to Covid
  • Season to increase from 7 to 8 months, March to October (to encompass all planned national events)
  • Yearly cost of subs fees to be frozen at the current rate
  • Minimum of 1 training session per week for 26 weeks & will include weekend sessions if run
  • Register to be kept at track & completed by coach at each session
  • Bike hire to be paid yearly at £52, which covers use at any training / race session within the season (Bikes are to remain at the track unless loaned by a club official for a specific event)
  • Subs fees and bike hire payments to be made in one of two ways* only:
    • Yearly: March 2022 or 2 Instalments – at 4 month intervals made by standing order – March / June 2022
    • * The committee understand that a large one off outlay of money may be difficult for some members. Pleasecontact the Treasurer, should you wish to confidentially discuss a workable payment plan. This will beconsidered exceptional and dealt with on a case by case basis.
    • ** New Riders will be allowed to join 4 trial training sessions for free – after which time (to comply with ourinsurance) they will be asked to join the club and pay the appropriate pro rata fees for the remainder of the season.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pay your membership fees, you will be refused training until fees are paid ** 
    • Full details of the Clubs fees are available in the membership information pack that you will receive when you join.
  • 2022 Fees:
    • 8 month SeasonJunior (<18) = £40 Per Year Senior (>18) = £80
    • Per Year Bike Hire = £52 Year
    • Membership & Bike Hire Fee’s to be paid into the club account by no later than 1st March / 1st June 2022

Payments made by BACS. Please email for payment details or see our Facebook Group.

League racing (Midland League) is a £2 levy payable by all riders, along with all riders having a British Cycling Bronze Membership (affiliated to Coventry CSC) or day license.

Cov League is subject to race fee.