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2017 SEASON: Introducing the new Coventry League

With the 2017 season almost upon us, here is an update of what’s going on, coming up and the new Coventry League format.


Weather and track depending – training will start this Sunday (19th Feb) at Hearsall Common. 10am for U13s and 11am for 13+. These Sunday sessions are free and will be fitness based primarily aimed at our teams, but anybody can get involved. The sessions will be led by our Level 2 CS coach, Myke Grimes.

Sunday sessions will continue where we don’t have challenge matches. Please always check our social media (Twitter and Facebook) for latest updates.


These will be starting Mid-March. Stay tuned for the start date. Sessions will be £1.50 + 50p bike hire.


We have the following challenge matches in March:

5th March – Newport (Away)

12th March – Astley & Tyldesley (Home)

19th March – Newport (Home)

All start at 2pm.


Coventry’s season begins against Leicester, away, on 23rd April.

There will be challenge matches/series against other Midlands clubs organised for Brandon throughout the course of the season.


We are in the process of sorting some dates for the Coventry league. This year it takes on an exciting new look.

There will be 3 teams (Coventry, Brandon and Longford) and will be based on the Australian Interclub competition, which will see our membership split across the three sides into the following gradings (6 riders per grading):

Div 7 (Under 7 yrs)

Div 6 (Under 9 yrs)

Div 5 (Under 11yrs)

Div 4 (Under 13)

Div 3 (Under 15)

Div 2 (Under 18)

Div 1 (Open)

We will be flexible with the gradings to make sure for an even competition and if we can find 6 willing volunteers, a Dads/Mum’s category will be added!

The racing sees 6 riders on the grid (two from each team), only racing against their division with scores 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We will aim for 4 rounds of racing (4 rides each), with the trailing team taking favourable grids in race 4.

Divs 7, 6 and 5 will run together with 4, 3, 2 and 1 following. The consecutive score adds up and by the last round of div 1 racing, we will have the winning team for the overall round. The champions will be declared after the final Coventry League round.

This will only run at Hearsall Common (or Longford Park if a new track is successfully built this year – watch this space!) for obvious reasons that you can’t get 6 riders safely around Brandon! We will hopefully run some of these events on Friday nights – failing that, Sundays.

Finally, we will be running some Coventry League ladder racing, which will be an individual competition.

We look forward to seeing you at Hearsall Common over the course of 2017.

Any questions, please email or contact us on social media: